New Track: GOOD & EVIL By @VerbalReasoning

Good & Evil By Verb

Good & Evil By Verb

It was my final year in the university and at the time I thought rappers were just a bunch of fools saying crap and that they weren’t making music at all, I was a huge fan of sounds i.e. celestial-sounding instruments, extra-terrestrial voices and technical singing abilities which is kinda gay now lol, seeing that I’m a rapper and I’m supposed to be hard and all, I mean most rappers just go on about how they shot someone when they were 16 or got shot nine times (most of which are lies) but yh it paid off listening to all that stuff ‘cos I believe it helped me mould the craft properly, sound-wise.

But well yeah, somehow I became friends with some guys who were huge Hip-Hop/Rap fans, I started listening to rap, Lil Wayne to be precise and at the time dude used to spit volcanoes, asin hot flows x_x yeah I know lame punchline, rappers do that for some kinda rehabilitation therapy from all that dope stuff they spit and live on, lol. Back to the story, so I discovered that these niggaz (rappers) are some intelligent dudes, like the metaphors and the wordplay just drew me in, it was mind-blowing, so it happened that some nigga called Fpyme (S/O Fpryme) invited me to a rap group on facebook called RUN Basement where they exchanged bars and dissed each other just so I’d be like some sorta weak-link for him to maltreat Λ well I dropped my first post and trust me it was some bullshit!, damn it stinks so bad now man, I was saying some shit about me being an anomaly and that kinda thing, yo it sucked a great deal and I’m so ashamed of myself lol, but all the same it was necessary, Mr. Fpryme took shots at me and that marked the beginning of the present day Verb, I upped ma game and went in and scattered the zone, niggaz on the group saw me and were like yo, you dropped some hot shit bro, you know that kina shit you drop after eating a big bowl of ewa goyin?, that’s right, that kinda hot shit. Okay back to the topic again, now this so called hot shit I was dropping that made boys hail me as a dope lyricist is actually some bullshit right now, took me years to realise, I mean, myself JR and RJ(blog-host) used to be highly respected and we never took shots at each other, but now we realise that a lot of what we wrote back then was crap yo, I mean I said something line a Mikano generator one time and trust me if I say it, you’ll most likely lose faith in me rightaway, so I’ma just keep it a secret between my friends and I, feel me?…so yh there were some lines that were halfway wack and halfway good like “I’m holding the golden totem, you’re holding my golden cloth’s hem”, yo that’s some wack/dope shit..I don’t wanna think about the past, I’ll just end up being semi depressed and amused by myself. To cut the long story short, it’s been a long time coming and I have been working on my craft, released a coupla songs here and there and I have a new one out for you Mosieur RJ-fans lol… I hope you like it, follow the link below to download it.

Click Here To Download

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    • December 21st, 2012


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