The RJ Show.. Season 2 Premiere

Tsup lil faggets. It’s your host RJ AKA Mr Birthmark On The Nutsack. Welcome to the 2nd season of this useless-waste-of-approximately-10mins known as The RJ Show. <– You can visit that link to vote for your best guest,so far, on the show. This episode is a 2011 music wRap up type-thing. I'll be reviewing my best collabos of 2011. No ratings tho, just discussions. Yea, I know its kinda late and all but after the studio was burned down we had to do a lil relocating. And then I've been busy protesting and all. Today's guests are @WhoIsTunde & @ShoWontStop from the famous music blog . I’m going to list a couple of my favorite tracks from last year and a few others from the audience and together we’ll rate ’em. So without further ado lets welcome the SYBT evil duo @WhoIsTunde & @ShoWontStop.

*Audience applauds as they make their way to the stage… Someone from the audience screams “God will judge y’all for that ProFingaz review*

@Monsieur_RJ: Welcome fellas. *Fist bumps both @WhoIsTunde & @ShoWontstop* Pls have a seat. Lets get on with bidnes, shall we. I’ll start with my best collabo of last year… I’m So Flossy – Beazy Ft Teeto Ceemos, Loose Kaynon & Kel.
@WhoIsTunde: ummm.. I think twas released in 2010.
@ShoWontstop: yea. 4th week from Beazy Music Monday. Well, fuck all that, it was an awesome song.
@WhoIsTunde: yea. both Teeto & Loose bodied the beat. Wish it had a video tho. Cant get enough of my baby Kel’s body.
@Monsieur_RJ: Tunde, u need help. Anyway, that’s my track yo. I fux with Teeto’s verse. Shii is gangsta. It’s like Teeto fought a hunid gladiators b4 he jumped into d booth. Gangsta.

@ShoWontstop: oya e don do. The Kobe-lover head go dey swell. Shoutout to Kid Konnect too. Mad beat.
@Monsieur_RJ: Aii. I’m not really crazy bout this track but it’s a cool jam to groove to. Mukulu – Wizkid Ft Skales.
@Whoistunde: huh???!!… ummm. It’s not a collabo.
@ShoWontstop: yea. It’s only Skales.
@Monsieur_RJ: huh? I thought… Aint Skales a rapper? I even thought there was a rap at the end. I’ve never heard the complete thing cos I’ve only heard it in clubs.Damn!! Dude dey sing now?
@ShoWontstop: That’s d problem with these labels. They force rappers to sell out.
@Whoistunde: it’s sad but iont blame them tho. They gotta make money. Its a business remember. But then, Mukulu.. *sigh*
@Monsieur_RJ: yea. True that. Ok let me throw in another Wizkid song. Word Up – Ft D’prince.
@ShoWontstop: ♫ Who was the stupid producer/That allowed D’prince spit those bars ♫
@Whoistunde: ♫ who deceived him that he could raaaaaaap/God punish am ♫ -_-
@Monsieur_RJ: .. I call that his verse “The Dementors Verse”
@ShoWontstop: Kini dementor’s verse?
@Monsieur_RJ: Dementors are these lil faggets in Harry Porter that guard the Azkaban prison. They torture you by draining your hapiness. Make you remember bad shii that happened to you in the past.


@ShoWontStop: LOL!! I remember when Heat knocked y’all the fuck out. Heat!!!!
@Monsieur_RJ: Well, at least our star players have championship rings. James aint got shii.
@ShoWontStop: Negro pls. This year LeBron James is getting his ring. No doubt.
@Monsieur_RJ: Abegi,if he really wants a ring he should go to a wedding and catch a bouquet.

*@ShoWontStop gets up to punch @Monsieur_RJ but @Whoistunde holds him back*

@ShoWontstop:I’m cool. I’m cool.. Wait, Tunde why the sudden sad face?
@Whoistunde: I just remembered my ‘vertical’ is decreasing. I can no longer do a reverse dunk. Damn u D’Prince.
@ShoWontstop: LOL!! It’s about time u drop that “Superman” nickname. Oldman.
@Monsieur_RJ: hehe.. Moving on… another track i love from 2011 is Beazy’s “Bad Guy Pt2” Ft Shank, Teeto, KB, Efya, D-Blaco, X.O. Senavoe, Myst, SDC, Djinee, El Flaco& Chykay. Crazy monster remix.
@Whoistunde: Crazy tune. Shoutout to Beazy for pulling this typa huge collabo off. Nice hookS. Dope verses.
@ShoWontstop: That’s the good thing bout Beazy. He dnt give two bout who murders who. He just gathers alota dope rapper and focuses on making the fans enjoy greatness. A very rare quality among 9ja rappers. Most of ’em just feature those they can easily out-rap. Or they only feature singers & then their label rap mates. Well, “Everybody still loves them.”
@Monsieur_RJ: True. True. Next is “Super Sun (rmx)” By Bez Ft eLDee, Iceprince & Eva.
@Whoistunde: Cool track. Bez did a great job with the guitar. The verses were cool too.
@ShoWontstop: yup. I haven’t met one person who dznt like the track. They should all be proud of themselves.
@Monsieur_RJ: The next is one of my best. Y’all might not dig it tho. But its the number 1 track on my palmwine playlist. “Now Is The Time” By Ikechukwu Ft Don Jazzy. I looooooooove the track. ♫ Okwa ima na, Egwu a ka i ji mara nde nweru ego ehhhhh ♫ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐┌(˘.˘)ʃ
@Whoistunde: Omo igbo. Smh.. U and @Whiz2k2 need help. The track is nice sha. You can’t go wrong with Don Jazzy on the beat.
@ShoWontstop: *picks phone* i wonder who’s flashing me? :s .. Sorry, carry on.
@Monsieur_RJ: okay. Two other collabos from last year I loved were Lost by M.I. ft Loose Kaynon &.. *sigh* and “Without My Heart” By…
@ShoWontstop: TIWA BABY!!!!
@Whoistunde: Calm down young man. Alota credit gotta go to Don Jazzy.
@Monsieur_RJ: What’s the use? He’ll tweet all the credit..
@ShoWontStop: ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )
@Whoistunde: ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) What’s ur problem RJ?
@Monsieur_RJ: I’m sorry.
@ShoWontStop: I have my special dance for that track called the…
@Monsieur_RJ: what the?!…

*A group of hooded young men rush to the stage & grab @Whoistunde & @ShoWontstop*

@Monsieur_RJ: not again. This is a new year. Pls who are u?
Thug 1: shut up fool. *turns to @ShoWontstop & @Whoistunde* u think botha y’all are funny yea? 1.2 wRaps for Profingaz yea? Dissing his mixtape and all..You’re dead…

*The hooded thugs drag @ShoWontstop & @Whoistunde outside*

@Monsieur_RJ: well, I wouldnt say I didnt see that coming. Just incase u was wondering what caused that, check HERE for the full story. From Colonel Stauffenberg’s Lounged this is RJ saying see you next week & have a wonderful week… You lil faggets.

*Theme Song Plays …. American Psycho By D12*

  1. *no Comment*

    • whiz2k2
    • January 21st, 2012

    So a nigga can’t enjoy his native song again in peace *smh* I’m just fed4 @whoistunde

    • Alf_redd
    • January 21st, 2012

    He’ll tweet all the credit??? Really?? ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

      • whoistunde
      • January 21st, 2012

      azin!!!!! i tire 4 d boy

  2. The Dementors Verse?! LMAOOOOOOOOOOO! I totally agree with you! I love that song, but the verse was punishment! D’Prince just had to spoil a good song.
    BTW, I caught that Ice Prince sub, “Everybody Still Loves Em” smooth!
    I absoloutely LOVE “Now its the time” that song makes me go blonde! Yup! I start acting all dum n shii. Don Jazzy killed that beat.
    I’m glad the RJ show is back. RJ u need to hire more bouncers, ur guests can’t keep getting kidnapped.

    • My kinda Lady!! U caught all the subs & u dig my palmwine track.. 😀
      About my guests getting kidnapped on a reg….Noted…something will be done. MUST be done… 🙂

    • *Kanye Voice* imma Let you finish .. but D’Prince verse killed bro ….

    • @forlarin
    • January 21st, 2012

    Dis chike sef,only God knws wats ✗ wit U̶̲̥̅̊ . (Y) *smh

    • tank
    • January 21st, 2012

    This shit was sooo fuckin funny!…..why haven’t I seen it b4….u seem to be a beazy fan tho…me not so much and lmao @d’prince!

    • Thanks boss.. Not really a Beazy fan like that but I admire his work ethic & alota other qualities. Dude is cool.

  3. Hahahahahahahaha u r a nutcase. But thanks for paying for our ransom. Those PH niggaz r crazy.
    Somehow I think u set us up…hmmm

    • LOL!!! Set u up? Never… Tho if I see PH money I will sha. I’m igbo remember?!
      ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

    • Verb
    • January 21st, 2012

    LOL “leave me D’prince, I want to be happy”. Pure evil..smh!

    • Young J.
    • January 22nd, 2012


  4. LMAO… No matter what you say, “I LOVE D’PRINCE” he’s the King of Jonzing and no one beats him. He actually made that song nice… ~(‘,’~) (~’,’)~

    Oh yah, #NoHomo

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