2011/2012 Footie Season Predictions

Hey Ladies, this post is for the soccer loving homies so as a warning please pardon me & close this tab on your browser cos I’ll be talking strictly soccer today. Ma goons. Wad up?! Good start for AC Milan & Man Utd already, both picking up the Italian Super Cup & Community shield respectively. Congrats to fans of both clubs. I know I ain’t no “soccer know all” but just for the fun of it I decided to blog about my predictions for the 2011/2012 football season. Here are 10 of them….

1. An “Injury Free” Manchester United Would Win The EPL

Forget the fact that I’m a Man Utd fan I think we can all agree that Man Utd is the best team in England. However you need a lil bit of luck as well to win a league. Two years ago,various Man Utd players especially defenders were hit by different injuries allowing a “fit” Chelsea team win the league by a single point. I remember the match against Fulham where Man Utd lost 3-0, Carrick played in the center-back position, Fletcher in the right back position & Daniel Drinkwater (HUH) in the center back position. Luck smiled on Man Utd last season as Chelsea suffered a similar set back and United won the league. So again I say Man Utd will win the EPL IF & ONLY IF our key players stay injury free. HOWEVER, IF Tevez finally decides to stay in England, his combination with Aguero might propel them to win the league. “IF” .Here’s my top 6.

1st. Man Utd.// 2nd. Chelsea.// 3rd.Man City.// 4th.Liverpool.// 5th.Arsenal//. 6th.Tottenham

Oh, and if by a divine miracle he stays fit for 85% of the season, Van Persie would win the EPL golden boot. He’s the best striker in The EPL. Don’t even argue, just accept it.

2.AC Milan would win the Scudetto & AS ROMA would win the Italian cup

*sigh* As much as I hate to admit it, AC Milan has the best “team” in Italy. Not the Best “squad”, the best “team”. I believe Inter Milan has the best “squad” but since the departure of The Special one, I can hardly call what they are playing “soccer” & AC Milan & Napoli smartly capitalized on this last season. Inter Milan are on the verge of selling both Wesley Sniejder & Samuel Eto’o, a move I see as metaphorically shooting themselves in the foot. AS Roma has made some smart buys this transfer season with the purchase of Bojan & Stekelenberg but it still makes me sad to see Mexes leave on a free transfer to AC Milan. 😦 … Well, AC Milan is certainly the best club in Italy now & I fancy them to lift the scudetto and AS Roma for the Copa Italia.

3.Nani would win the PFA player of the year award

I really don’t know why he wasn’t even shortlisted for the PFA award last season. Personally I felt Gareth Bale didn’t deserve that award and Van Der Sar (who wasn’t also shortlisted) should have won it. Bale himself said “I’m not as good as people say I am”. O well, that’s in the past now. Don’t get me wrong though, Nani is not the best player in the EPL, but I think he makes the most impact “goal-wise” as various statistics will reveal. So for me, Nani for the PFA Award. Rooney, Luiz Suarez, Van Der Vaart & Yaya Toure could also win the award as well & Wilshere, Spearing or Chicarito could probably win the Young PFA award. McEachran (if AVB learns to use him well).

4.Balotelli would knock Roberto Mancini the f*ck out

I’ve said this before; “The beautiful game of football doesn’t need this “dush bag” ”. His atrocities are just too many to mention. Wearing an AC Milan jersey around while still an Inter player, walking off the pitch in anger after being substituted (usually for poor displays), training ground fights, insults to various soccer personnel & other things. It’s just a matter of time before he takes his stupidity to the next level and knocks Roberto Mancini out for taking him off. Talented player but STOOOOOOPID behavior.

Ballotelli Vs Boateng during an evening training

5.UCL Trophy

Barcelona is without a shadow of a doubt the best team on the planet but then again no team has ever won the UCL back to back so I can confidently say Barcelona won’t win it just because of the fact that history doesn’t favor them. It’s either Real Madrid, Man Utd (If we sign Sniejder), Chelsea *chuckles* or AC Milan (If pigs eventually fly)

6.AVB Vs An Older Chelsea Player

AVB is 33yrs yea?… It’s simple. Essien (39yrs) has a bad game. AVB openly criticizes him. Essien calls him to the side. Essien says “In Africa where I’m from, we don’t talk to elders that way”. AVB says “watch your mouth, I’m your gaffer”. Torres pulls out a gun but misses his shot. Ashley collects the gun & fires AVB on the…. Wait wait,im beginning to yan dust.

7.Borrussia Dortmund Will Continue To Dominate Germany

Mark my words, “Borrussia Dortmund will thrill you this season”. Best team in Germany by a thousand miles. Great team spirit & chemistry. Awesome attack. I believe they will retain the Bundensliga title & make it to the last 8 of the UCL. Watch out for them.

8.Arsenal to End Trophy Drought & also finish 2nd in the EPL

LOL!! I’m kidding jor.

A Frustrated Arsene Wenger... Eya 😦

9.An EPL Team would once again knock AC MILan out (DUH!!)

@AcMilanKidd I hope you can see this you lil fagget cos this is for you. Your over-rated AC Milan “club” would be drawn with an EPL team (Hopefully Man Utd) in the knock-out stage of the UCL and just like it has been for the past three years, you’ll get knocked the fuck out. FORZA THESE NUTS!!

10.Funniest Football Individual AWARD

Although @PiersMorgan keeps us entertained with his regular twitters jabs at @WayneRooney, Gael Clichy, @Rioferdy5 and @TheMichaelOwen I strongly believe the most entertaining individual is (and for a long time will remain) VICTOR IKPEBA. 😀 He makes the 15mins half time break less painful for people like us that can’t wait to get the half-time over with.

The Legendary Victor Ikpeba

And there you have it. Feel free to make your own prediction(s) in the comment section. 🙂

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  1. LMAOOOOO….Victor Ikpeba??? Really?? *rolling*

    • @TheRealAdonye
    • August 11th, 2011

    For Balotelli’s part, You forgot to add ‘throwing darts at youth players’, ‘abandoning a car because his teammates left something inside the car that made it smell badly’, and ‘replying to the question by a police officer “Why do you have this much money on you” with the answer “Because, I’m Rich.. Bitch”‘.. The dude is a Legend..

    • Haha!! I could write a whole post on that dude alone. I hate his attitude. Great potential but he’s gon mess his career up.

    • iam_dQ
    • August 11th, 2011

    If United can get Sneidjer, we’ll rule the world!!!!

    I feel sorry for arsenal fans tho. Unfair hardship brought about by an egotistic maniac. Lol. But do I really feel sorry? Na! :p

    • the kid bionic
    • August 11th, 2011

    Funny thing is I think Arsenal might just make the Top 4. And no, RVP isn’t the best striker in EPL 😐 ..lastly, the UCL season is gon be crazy watchout!!! CFC “PRIDE OF LONDON ….” *skanks off pitch*

    • U think… You’ll definitely go far but winning it?… Nah…i think its Madrid’s season.

    • okem_daniels
    • August 11th, 2011

    U didn’t predict for la liga

    • What’s there to predict. You guys will dominate as usual & CR7 will win the golden boot.

    • @AcMilanKidd
    • August 11th, 2011

    Smh,, First of All Borrusia Dortmond already sold sahin to real madrid,, I see em as a one season wonder… I think Bayern would continue to rule germany.

    Secondly,, We would crush any English team that’s unfortunate enough of cross our path,, You saw how Montolivo crippled the Almighty Spanish Midfield yesterday right? He would be playing for Milan next season (Hopefully)… FORZA MILAN!

    • Dortmund has been building this team. Just like what Tottenham is doing now. The Bundensliga is a less competitive league compared to Serie A,EPL & La Liga so its easier for them to dominate. I know they’ll feel Sahin’s loss but that team is greater that what u obviously think. They’ll impress. And once again, Forza these nuts. 😀

    • terdoh
    • August 11th, 2011

    Arsenal will sack Wenger…pay off their debt and still be richer than Man. City and Barca combined, sign 5 of the best players ever in the history of football (Pele, Ronaldo, George Weah, Zidane, and mother fucking Ronaldinho!…Beckham too. Note that they are all old?) and will have the vote of 80 percent of the football world….

    and still lose. 🙂

    That will be all.

    • TERDOH!! What’s your problem… HAHAHAHA!!

      • Kevmeister
      • August 11th, 2011

      TERDOO IS A BASTARD OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sips la casera*

    • shobayo babasoji
    • August 11th, 2011

    I yhik arsenal won’t make the group stages of the ucl which will be their first dissapointment and a bad start to the season..and I predict arsenal finishingin 6th position(don’t say I ddnt say this)..by february towards march injury list wulda. Piled up..and arsenal wuld b left outta title range.watchout lol

    • Frankie!!
    • August 11th, 2011

    @Chike!! Thnk u 4 ruinin *ur blog” 4 me… I’ll neva 4give u 4 dis, albeit I tried readin dis tin u call “wateva”, u jst completely killed it 4 me…. God bless u, u annoying lil fruit!! *angry face*

    • Phacy Martins
    • August 11th, 2011

    LWKMD….Chike nice job…nd nice analysis…m thinkin u shud do sometyn abt d transfer news of dis new season…(Jst suggestin)…nice one…Utd 4 lyf

    • twittinigerian
    • August 11th, 2011

    United WILL win the premiership.
    I don’t agree Nani will win the PFA player of the year award. He’s inconsistent and very frustrating. Also I do not agree with the final table standings. I think it’ll look more like this:
    1. United 2. Chelsea 3. Man City 4. Arsenal 5. Liverpool 6. Tottenham
    AC Milan and Barcelona should retain the Scudetto and UCL respectively. Oh, and Hernandez will win the golden boot award with 26+ goals.

    • I get your pointS. All understandable. Like i said “Don’t get me wrong though, Nani is not the best player in the EPL, but I think he makes the most impact “goal-wise” as various statistics will reveal”.. That’s something im sticking to. As for the Club positions, if Arsenal lose Fabregas it’ll be very hard to end up in the top 4. Then Hernandez, i don’t think he’ll reach that amount yet because of the rotation policy in Man Utd. He definitely has the potential to score 26+ goals but that rotation policy might hinder that. Its a matter of time before he wins the golden boot but i dont think its this season.

    • the kid bionic
    • August 11th, 2011

    I support ‘twittinigerian’s prediction of the log table..but wait, I shld re-adjust it 1) Chelsea 2) ManU 3) Mancity 4) Arsenal 5) Liverpool 6)____ *fill in d gap* … And AcMilan won’t go far in the UCL. UCL semi’s: Chelsea, Barca, Madrid, ManUtd.

    • Yea, i agree with ur UCL semi-finalists. And like i always say, AC Milan are local champions. They can NEVER win it. at all. (Y) … But Chelsea 1st tho? O_o

    • whoistunde
    • August 11th, 2011

    Arsenal my dear arsenal,:( Anyways, its strictly basketball for me this season. Nice post as usual

  2. LOL!! Arsenal dey frustrate person o. Thats why i left Phoenix Suns for Boston…X_X… Thanks Boss.

    • Kevmeister
    • August 11th, 2011

    LMAO!!!!! Kai! U mean sha, why did u do dat to Arsenal fans ehn? Nice stuff…my team remains the best team on the planet (Barcelona to be precise), nd yes, we wud do it again :p. One thing tho, it’s normal to wish for a squad without key injuries, but injuries r also a part of the game, I can readily say dat if d top 4 teams had no injuries to key players, d title race wud be more thrilling nd harder to predict. Balotelli sha hess hem hesh. That would be all now. And yeah, Essien can’t be 39, dat might be Obi’s real age *runs*. Why u no say nothing bout La Liga tho? Huh?! Huh?! Ikpeba, legendary stuff, that guy is a nashural. Well, I said that wud be all about 140 characters back *shrugs*. I’m done

    • Where do I start from?! Umm… Thanks sir… Essien,39,at least that’s his football age sha. Ikpeba… Now that’s my guy. Funny dude bt sadly he doesn’t know he’s funny. As for Barca, y’all are the best bt no UCL this season. :p

    • Mafioso
    • August 11th, 2011

    Madrid ko, madrid ni. #TeamBarcelona for life mehn……..just watch as we will carry those 6 cups……Arsenal fans can eat shit with fabregas, thiago is enuf. UCL is ours for the taking.

    P.S: Villa has a better chance @ La liga’s golden boot than CR7 *tueh*

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