******A Lil boring story for people that want to sleep******

It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon, the type that always makes @vicater change his BBM status to “Baby Making Weather”(he equally tweets it bout 4 times). Blackberry had just upgraded their Facebook app making it more attractive and dead feelings for Facebook seemed to be resurrecting by tweeters. @MrOnafuye decided to organize a trip for tweeters to visit their one time sweetheart, Mark Zuckeberg’s invention. I mean, since Mazi started his TAP blah-blah and Odina (who always uses twitter as an outlet to reveal horrid details bout her ‘love’ life) announced that she’s pregnant and keeping it, everybody decided to take a night off from twitter. @MrOnafuye walks to the coaster bus parked right beside the login page.

@MrOnafuye: Area I hail O!! I said Area I… Where the hell are these people…

*@SpongebobJ_ and @Bahyoh walk in to the coaster bus and take the front seats*

@MrOnafuye: *sigh* Una can waste time ehn…

*@tobiMrLong, @whiz2k2 and @LloydMembere walk to the front of the bus.*

@LloydMembere: #np wetin dey – Jesse Jagz
@MrOnafuye: I dey o. Why una late na?
@LloydMembere: #np we dey vex – Modenine ft Tuface
@MrOnafuye: Haba why una dey vex??
@tobiMrLong: U dey fuck up! How u go allow @SpongebobJ_ and @Bahyoh dey drive us. Two babes. Shey e make sense??
@MrOnafuye: Haha! Why u like to dey tackle @Bahyoh. Shey him be babe ni? Smh. Anyway, u know say @Bahyoh dey always twit-drive and @SpongebobJ_ dey always tweet about driving so I feel say e go just dey alright if two of them handle steering today.
@Whiz2k2: Fair enough. Fair Enough.

*@LloydMembere, @tobiMrLong and @Whiz2k2 all walk into the bus and take their seats*

*@MissNickiMaraj walks by nodding her head to J.Cole’s album… @Umiedit follows her behind tryna convince her that Big Sean is equally as good as J.Cole*
*@Oyindelareta drags @UnskinnyB who’s asleep into the bus*

@MrOnafuye:smh… all man and him own wahala sha

*@IamMafioso, @tobi_kun and @Okem_Daniels walk to the front of the bus*
@MrOnafuye: errrm… And what’s ur excuse for coming late??
@IamMafioso: No vex. I was collecting pictures for #TittyTuesday. Here are a few…

Nice Huh?!

Annnnnnd.... This nice pair.

@MrOnafuye: Nice!! 🙂
@IamMafioso: I know right.
@toby_kun: *sigh* if only they had Beckham’s face, she woulda been perfect.
@Okem_Daniels: Abi o.
@MrOnafuye: smh… Fruitcakes!!

*@mo_degun, @wumie, @FierceCutie, @ollyliciouss, @JaneClement, @Missmisan walk to the front of the coaster bus*

@MrOnafuye: 😀 … Ladies!! Come and give a nigga some sugar *opens arms for group hug*
@mo_degun: O_o
@MrOnafuye: Na your own go different. Oya make all of una enter except @Missmisan. U winch.
@Missmisan: haha! See this drunken frog o. Oya take hug.
@MrOnafuye: 😀

*a group of people around the corner suddenly start chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight!” … Women and Children run into their houses as the fight gets more and more intense*

Angel (RJ) Vs Demon (Zeem)

@benitta_x: Wow! I love @ChykElfaooq_RJ’s wings… Angelic ish!! I like.
@tobzville: haha! See @Louis_The_III. Nwa Nwoke Ekwensu!! Devil’s Son!!
@MrOnafuye: Oya. Break up that stupid fight. Continue your nonsense in Minna. Bladdy bunch of…. @TERDOH!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!!

@Terdoh: *hides hands* err… What?!
@MrOnafuye: Are u using the pic @IamMafioso posted to “shake hands with the commander in chief”??
@Terdoh: ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

@MrOnafuye: Smh.. *turns to @_ThinkThank_, @OriJesu, @SvelteTwampire_ and @MissDeaOA* Oi! @_ThinkThank_ Why the delay?
@_ThinkThank_:My dim witted patron hath just bequeathed funds unto me
Everybody: HUH?!
@_ThinkThank_: *sigh* Maga just paid.
Everybody: O!! Haha!
@MrOnafuye: Oya, enter sharply.

*@verbalreasoning, @_RadioKiller & @Damilarelawale approach the coaster, each taking turns to freestyle* [Ps. Visit these links for their versions of Enigma.Thanks… Verb’s Enigma || Damon’s Enigma || SmallTalk’s Enigma || RJ’s Enigma ]

@_Radiokiller: I’m up in the air like CO2/ When I started to rap they were like see otu.
@verbalreasoning:Nice!! Check this out… You deserve no respect so I’ll be rude(ruud) like Van nistelroy/Wanna thread upon a nigga’s grounds?, grab a needle boy.
@Damilarelawale: cool!! Aii… U’re geckos to an alligator,lizards to a crocodile/pen’s on a bowling alley,all I do is knock ’em out.
@MrOnufaye: Nice lines guys but we need to go. Get in the bus.
@verbalreasoning: Its gon’ be a long ride, I haven’t eaten yet. Was bout to cook beans when ur DM’d me bout leaving.
@SpongebobJ_: *Yells from the bus* Umm… @verbalreasoning Can I come and burn your beans??
Everybody: HUH?! O_o
@SpongebobJ_: Not what you think you lil perverted kid…

*@MrOnufaye’s phone rings*
@MrOnufaye: Yo Boss,Tsup??
@whoistunde: Yo niokar, round up this post its time for The RJ Show.
@MrOnufaye: Aii boss. *Hangs up*. Oya @SpongebobJ_ and @Bahyoh, hit the gas.

*Coaster bus zooms off to Facebook*

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    • Frankie!!
    • August 2nd, 2011

    @RJ LWKMD!! Ur crazy.. Dis is jst insane.. So, my darling, u ws nice enuf to finally put me on ur blog.. Thnk u, boo boo bt y ws I mute? Nxt time I beta say sumtin reasonable or I’ll hold a family meetn on ur head.. I knw hw u Iboz like to call husbandz fam nd wifez fam in2 matters dat has nutin to do wit dem..*rme*.. Lol..*kiss*

    • @yinkadelakes
    • August 2nd, 2011

    nice job..u lil fruit..and invite me 4 u show na..

    • Saucy
    • August 2nd, 2011

    Crazy post and suspense after the call from the boss…I thot d show was gowna start….nice one

  1. “My dim witted patron hath just bequeathed funds unto me”…. Ur not bright u mad man, LOL.

  2. .

  3. I want to be in your blog 😦

    • terdoh
    • August 2nd, 2011

    How did you know I was *sigh* My reputation precedes me. No harm done. Hehe! Madt post men! See metaphors everywhere!

    And when did facebook improve their interface…I’ve been away for too long!

    And Chyke, Oga Mohammed said you’re owing him 3H for not paying for the sagem he just fixed. Stop avoiding! Pay your debt niokar!

    • Ah! U need to check d new facebook app. Cool as fuck. And yes, I knw bout d money I owe 😦 …. Lol. Mad man

  4. what the hell is this?!

    • freakyjoangeL
    • August 2nd, 2011

    U see..Terdoo, everyone knows u as a wanker :p
    Nice Post RJ…

    • twittinigerian
    • August 2nd, 2011

    Nigga I see you left one tiny little detail…..ME!!! Why would you do that huh?

    • whiz2k2
    • August 2nd, 2011

    Ayam just fed! Na waka pass I b o!

    • freakyjoangeL
    • August 2nd, 2011

    U see..Terdoo, everyone knows u as a wanker :p
    Lmao @ Lloyd’s #np…
    Nice Post RJ…

  5. Nice titties but beck’s face? Fruitcakes for real lol….
    Shakin hands wit the CIC! Lmao!

  6. haha RJ feature dis peeps in d blog na i willingly give up ma space 😐

    • August 2nd, 2011


    Pray tell, didst myself and mine erstwhile companions complete this farcical venture into the land of Facebook?
    And more importantly, did we make it out alive?

    • Azeez
    • August 2nd, 2011

    Lmao…… Hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha….. This is pure comedy! “Lil Jimmy”

    • LOL!! I swear I go find special name for u wey go counter ur “lil jimmy”. … Mad Man.. 🙂

    • radiokiller
    • August 2nd, 2011

    Lo and behold @thinktank needest help, who says “pray tell” u be shakespeare decendant? Or u like to dey shake-spare like @terdoh!……..*tualey smiley*……..*walks in2 d sunset*

  7. LoOol sike me I’m not followin u pple to facebook jor :p…good stuff as usual

    • Thanks Doc 🙂 … But u gotta cme wf us,who’s gonna call me ‘sike’ if u don’t.

  8. This was the most hilarious part of the post for me. ——> Posted with WordPress for Sagem. X-5 Like Dude, do those folks still exist?! 😀

    • Haha! Don’t dull o. Those guys have bn working with ’em Chinese dudes. They’re gon’ take over BB soon.

  9. HOOO HEEEMM GEEE…. Chike put me in his blog *faints*

    Before I say anything further to break my fast…. Byeee!!!!

  10. I remember that lady in milk’s picture….haha, chiike u actually keep those pictures….smh

    • @teddymac10
    • August 2nd, 2011

    So dis is ur world famous blog. U try sha… Shownd it 2 a frnd n she luvd it. Didn’t feel d nude pic though. Very creative bawse!!

    • “Shownd”?? … 😦 … Thanks tho.

        • @teddymac10
        • August 2nd, 2011

        Watin dey worry u sef!! I get blog 2 ooo. Lol..

    • missmisan
    • August 2nd, 2011

    Why must I always fight @onafuye in every blog?tho the guy is a retard ….@Chyke,very mad as usual…..@Think_tank,God help u o

    • Onafuye
    • August 4th, 2011

    @Missmisan may an angry rhino give you head.and pls pay up ur excursion fee

  11. Lmao…cnt bliv i’m just seeing this…Bayo, Joy, Okem and ThinkTank’s parts really cracked me up…nice one son 🙂

  1. August 2nd, 2011
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