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I’m abt to go in, murder this, murder this/Homie I’m an assassin homicide brought to this/uuuuuuunh! So I got ma heads on ma heeead/ and I got the cuffs on ma hands! *adlib*

Verbal reasoning about to kill, disobey a key commandment
Spitting swords in place of words turn the beat into a dead man
Feels good to be a bad man, put the beat into its bed mehn!
More spirit than a dead man, so good that I’m bad man!
Speak the truth, so I’m always right, even with ma left hand
Ma talent is different, ‘cos I’m mutating like the Xmen
I’m a big problem, solve for me and find X mehn!
And I ain’t got an ex(X) mehn!, I F around and ex(X) them
Never ask me why(Y) then, find lady Zee and ask then
Music’s a medium to do it big to a large extent 
Talk is cheap, but it could make you pay for all ur actions
Beat the beat black and blue, while I search for greener pastures
I spit miracles lay hands like deliverance pastors
Spit parkinsons..make ’em shake their heads like indian actors
Treat this like your mum, respect this, genuflect this
It’s a love story I got ’em falling like paraplegics
W/o their wheel chairs, tryna stand up to a nigga
Ma gang cud get u engaged inside a fight and I’m the ring leader
Music that cud get u high like u had a drink with us
Big niggaz sit with us, getting high on team spirit
U couldn’t understand a nigga, I’m an enigma
Call me Arnold Schwarzenegger, while I terminate ya
Ma greens wud germinate here, I threw them upon good soil
Wanna be ma dawg?, grab a bone, that’s a good boy!
You deserve no respect so I’ll be rude(ruud) like Van nistelroy 
Wanna thread upon a nigga’s grounds?, grab a needle boy
And watch ma CD spin like old ladies at the wheel
I ain’t gotta be an old man b4 I do ma will
The young nigga loaf around steady tryna get bread
Never tired of the game, but it’s a way to get fed
I call it as I see it, ring a nigga with ma street cred
I’m red hot, period!, I made sure the beat bled
Like a lady on her period, I swear the beat needs pads
X-rays couldn’t see thru’ me I spit lead

Verbal reasoning, don jazzy on the beat, I hope u’re listening..uuuuuuunh!/no ressurection!…’Cos I killed it, I killed it, I hope u niggaz feel it..*adlibs*

    • okem_daniels
    • July 28th, 2011


    • freakyjoangeL
    • August 11th, 2011

    The beat Bled!!!

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