Metamorphosis By Verb (@VerbalReasoning )


Truth is, I’m a youth tryna make some meaning of his life
Sooner or later, I gotta be a man and take a wife
‘Cos life’s like a live performance,it got stages
Life’s a crazy bitch dawg, yes it got rabies
F the world though, nigga now we got babies
pro’lems errday, work it out like fat ladies
*laughs*…..Niggaz think can’t slay this
For every goliath u shud know we got Davids
So fear not this our metamorphosis, we gotta find our puposes
Wonder where the compass is
Yh……. we’re the future like prophecies
So it’s a miracle everytime we’re dropping this
I could put a drop in this, watch a nigga shed tears
Mourning it now for all the lost time and dead years
But now I got more influence than bad peers
I ain’t got fears, u should only know I got fierce


It’s ma metamorphosis, I’m going thru’ some processes
I gotta hit the game up with ma policies
It’s ma metamorphosis, it’s ma metamorphosis
Na me dey run dem, no be say na politics
So I can change the game
And no one remain the same
I gotta take this to another level (shout)
I’m making music like say na me be piano (shout)

*screams and outlibs* (Metamorphosis chanting)


So I look back in time, such a long way I’ve come
I’m tryna get it right, is it the wrong way I turned?
Me grind them to powder,’cos they sinnerman(cinnamon)
Me granted the power, so me winner man
‘Cos I was born to lead and ’em niggaz be d back-ups
Call me Guardiola, I’m about to give ma Pep talk
Yh…so I got ’em encouraged
Gotta go hard, get wood, get furnished
Niggaz wanna shine, so we gotta get polish
God’s with us, Emmanuel….Olisadebe
I’ll never walk alone, Jehovah’s here with me
I’m in a high position, oppositions just tipsy
I’m in pre-position, prepositions kinna beef me
Tryna keep it smooth, get d shafts out, sieve me
I’m a new man, ma old friends kinna miss me
It’s cool, their shots are never gonna hit me



I’m going thru’ these changes riding my life cycle
I’m flipping more pages than seen in thy bible
Delightful, for all the changes I have been thru’
Out of ma mind success is what I am into
Iyabo Abade..they see the man in me
I didn’t wanna grow, the Peter Pan in me
But now ma rap’s a 10, they see the Ben in me
They say ma bars are ill they see the germ in me
So they’re jamming me, a nigga gotta make hits
I pay u back in kind, keep it wicked when I spit
I try to keep it fly, get a ticket for ma shit
But I ain’t boarding this plane, I’d be bored in this plane
Mature lyrics here, puberty hit ma game
Getting used to the hustle, yh the ups and downs
I’m tryna get ma name called more in town
I’m tryna get ma name verb, treated as a noun


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