The Great Inspiration From My “Super Bowl”

On the 10th of October,2010 (The Over Hyped “10/10/10” date) at exactly 10 minutes past 10AM, i was tweeting from my “Super Bowl” and then I s… wait a minute… don’t know what “Super Bowl” means?? Gosh!!!I don’t mean the NFL thingy oh.I mean “Super Bowl” gan-gan.You know,the white ceramic bowl we all have in our houses.You stilll don’t get?!Arrrgggh!!Okay,here’s a clue–> “Wande Coal’s Initials”…Okay fine,”Super Bowl” means “Toilet Seat”.Happy now? *sigh* Anyway,where was I..Yes..So as my friends and I got to the venue of the party we…wait,wrong story…Ehen…So I was tweeting from my “Super Bowl” when the idea of being a blogger hit me.Shitty ideas flew in to my head(and i don’t mean that literally ‘cos of my location at that moment).

Anyways,I figured “what the hell,errbadi is blogn so why not join ’em”.Next came the “big decision”…”What should I name it”. The inspiration for the name “THE INSANE PHENOM” is pretty straight foward.”THE” is a definite article and in this case,its being used before an adjective(hmmmm..I just defined “THE”..I am a badt PEOPLE *adjusts collar*). “INSANE”? Well,’cos i was listening to Eminem’s “Insane” off his Relapse Album and not ‘cos im insane. And Finally “PHENOM” ‘cos anytime i google “Chike Gerald Nwoye” I always get the same suggestion “Did You Mean : Phenom”. I swear down. If I dey lie make i mess na-na-na…*poooom*…wtf??!! *Sprays Airfreshner”.That was strange.Anyway,that’s the whole concept behind the name “THE INSANE PHENOM”

Since I’m new here,i’m gonna stop now ‘cos i can hear y’all saying “this Chyk go dey feel say him funny..mcheeeww.Who tell am say blogn na 4 errbadi”.Well,I’ve got this to say to you “mmeah..ntoh..My bruf saw me typing this and he said twas funny”.Okay,I just made that how does this blog thingy work sef.If i want to finish up an article must i crack a very funny joke that’ll make errbadi laf lyk guinea pigs on steroids or can i just end it like im ’bout to do.

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