Prison Break:Escape From Twit-Jail (Blog-Trailer)

*Tzz* …*Tzzzzz*…*Tzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*…*Tzz* …*Tz*…*Tz*
The Sound of the tattoo thingy
Tattoo Girl: I’m done with ur tattoo Monsieur Chyk. It looks perfect. That’ll be N27,000.
Me:*Zips up trouser and stands up*
….Yeah,I tattooed the blueprints of the famous Twit-Jail on my..*Covers Face In shame*…NUTS!!!…Ok moving on.
Me: *Sigh* The things I have to do for my brother.*Hands Cheque to the tattoo gurl.
Tattoo Girl: Merci Beaucoup Monsieur Chyk .Do visit us again
Me: Your papa nyash. You don c ballz wey u go hold abi.*Kanye Shrug*
My phone rings(Iceprince’s Oleku)
Me: *Recognizing that the number is a prison number* Hello,Tish…B4 u say anything,I need to knw…did u tweet that crap??
@Okem_daniels: Chyk,I swear…It was a setup by Uzor(@Lankydiru).I borrowed his toilet paper and didn’t return it. He swore to fooq me up & here I am.
Me:Hmmm…How long do I have?
@Okem_daniels: They’re gonnna kill me in 4 days *sob*…Pls bruf,Hurry…*I don’t want to die this way.
Me: Huh?! No be ordinary electrocution …U’ll just die and go to he(ll/aven)
@Okem_daniels: No…Its not death by electrocution…its death by…*sob*….*sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifff*
Me: Talk jor & quit being a lil fruit bout it
@Okem_daniels: Its death by ANAL RAPE
*gen-gen-gen-egen*(Action Sound)
@Okem_daniels: *sob*…@Tayo_Freeman & @Whiz2k2 are gon’ rape me (simultaneously) to death if u don’t hurry.
Me:Buhahahahahahahahahaaha…. Say wat niokar??…Lwkmdoooooooooooo..I hear u oh!
An officer interrupts own phone convo
@IzienTheFreak: Ur Time is up. *Grabs d phone from Tish*…Now back to ur cell,u bloody perv
@Okem_daniels: I told u,I am innocent.
@IzienTheFreak: How is that going to improve Rita Koko Mansion & Victor Ikpeba’s English.
A fellow officer chips in
@CapoeiraPanda: How will it even increase the annual income from the exportation of Ofada Rice.
@IzienTheFreak: 4 days b4 u die…4 days…
@Tayo_Freeman & @Whiz2k2 smile from the corner
@Tayo_Freeman: *In Terry Crew’s Voice* Tish Tish Tish..Yeah…In 4days time,we gon’ spread ur legs wide apart just like Moses & the Red Sea…& give u a gooooood time
@Whiz2k2: While u suck on these nuts….hehehe!!!

@Okem_daniels – Lincoln Burrows
@ChykElfarooq_RJ (ME) – Michael Scofield(Duh!!It’s my blog so I get to play the best
@IzienTheFreak – Officer Brad Bellick
@banjidanny – Theodore Bagwell…T-Bag
@Oluwole_JR – C-Note
@Yinkadelakes (Twista) – Patoshik Haywire
@Ruth_Iyayi – Dr Sara Tancredi
@IyAmJeanhadu (Special Guest) – Scofield’s Wife from Czech Rep(In tis case Babcock)

@Dunialagbe: Mystery Lady
@Ore_Li – Sucre
@IamMafioso: John Abruzzi
@LankyDiru – The General, Owner Of the company (Toilet Roll Company)

…………………To Be Cont’d…………

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