Stargaze (Lyrics)

Lyrics to Stargaze by our very own Smalltalk ( @lasgidiboi ) ft Verb ( @verbalreasoning )
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They be staring at d stars
U can call dt ish stargaze
Godfather game we hanging here like scarface
Tryna get d cheese,everyday is a ratrace
Stargaze,we twinkling in the darkness
Yea e Yea.. Shine-Shine bobo o
Yea e Yea…Ni she ni mo n dan o’
Yea e Yea… Shine-Shine bobo o,Shine-Shine bobo … Ni she ni mo n dan o’

Verse 1 (Verb)
Sting like a scorpio, but I am saggitarius
In the flow like I’m pisces but niggaz wanna tour us(taurus)
Ma flow’s got cancer all up in different areas(aries)
And shawty she be bugging ‘cos I turned down her queries(aquarius)
Homie this is serious ‘cos I’ve been talking horoscopes
Halloween flows, homie I chose the horror scope
Y’all like astrologers ‘cos u niggaz be seeing stars
I am d future…’cos that is what u see in stars
Ok they’ll be seeing stars I think these niggaz’r dizzy
Had too much star, had some beer(bear)…no grizzly
And they’re abt to freeze me..’cos homie I just killed this
I buried them in flows..u know I do it John the baptist
And when I come in they go down…low batteries
Haters steady STRIKING..’cos they’ve been tryna MATCH this
‘Cos I’m a star everybody wants to see me
I’d be the second alphabet..’cos they all wanna be(B) me


Verse 2 (Smalltalk)
No constellation
But I make ’em stargaze
D world is mine like I’m scarface
I do dis haters like hastags
I give ’em no space
If hiphop is dead
dis is my coup d’grace
Cos I already murdered it
So fly. Mt everest looks like a molehill on my horizon
So I’m calling shots like verizon
In ur speakers my beats be bumping
Biting ur ears off no tyson
Flow electrifying like M.bison
I spit so hard my tongue bleeds
Imma need a dentist when I’m thru wiv dis shit
I’m soo sick
Even ben carson cudnt fix me
I made d last beat I jumped on bleed
Diddy getting jealous of me
Cos I’m making dirty money
Holiday in d south of france
I’m on d last train to paris


Verse 3 (Smalltalk)
Dem say I get pride
Say d chip on my shoulder
Bigger dan rocks……zuma
Bt I’m d king
Aint gotta bow to dis jokers
Mi o le tori mofe jeran ma pe malu ni broda
So aint bothered
I just tryna wax ma lyrics stronger
Moti jelo
In my black n yellow
No lagos taxi cabs
U can’t see my brake light
Cos wyl u wEre learning to crawl
I was in flight—-school
Nah…I’m too cool 4 dat
I’m d wise subject of ur stories…anansie
I’m soo sorry chale
I’m d object of ur GF’s fancy
I’m always a winner
I neva drew……no nancy
Making more cheddar dan every tom……no clancy
Lasgidiboi in 1 word FANTASTIC
Everybody else blew up
Like Chinese fire works Not me
Smalltalk……..I went ballistic

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