100 Bars (Kush Freestyle)

This post contains the Lyrics to 100 Bars (Kush Freestyle) By @verbalreasoning, ze fuzure of 9ja Rap. Enjoy & goodluck deciphering ’em bars.

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I’m ill, I need a doctor, I’m on ma Dr. Dre shit
Been hopping on ’em tracks, so a nigga gotta stay fit
Money’s like insecticides watch a nigga spray it
Gotta mould these rappers into shape, on ma clay shit
Kinna like a potter, plus I’ll be saying all d shit I know like reporters
And they’ll be making passes at a nigga like footballers
I got ma own bars, I never jack son(jackson), curtis
Ma lyrics heavy so they get dropped like curtains
Bars too deep u couldn’t see ’em near the surface
And if ur mood’s bad..light it up like some junkies
But no electricity..the power’s with d government..
I’m tryna write some bars..ma fone dies in d process
It’s frustrating..citizens..complaining
They never tell the truth..they all lie, they’re prostrating
Mozart politicians..u’ll see ’em orchestrating
But they ain’t got the balls to mess with us, they’re castrated
Like heads of d local governments..I’m d chairman
Killing all these rappers, I have never planned to spare them
Been chewing all these bubble-gum rappers, spearmints
They couldn’t see the truth, they got vision impairments
I do this like a spirit…I’ve made ma appearance
Niggaz working hard to get signed like a clearance
And I’ll be taking care of all ’em rappers like parents
S/o to all the mummies but not the ones in pyramids
I’m tryna get the bread and spread ma music like mayonnaise
I fire this niggaz like incompetent workers
They tryna jack ma bars like high school lockers
It’s me that they’ll be hiring, I’m firing these hirelings
Keep rhyming n shining, I never need to hire blings
You’re outta this world, but u’re dumb..jar-jar binks
I’m abt to send ’em down d drain..no sinks
Niggaz steady tryna put me in d open..no links
They steady tryna lay a nigga down..no thanks
Money’s like puke to me..so I’m abt to throw it up
Make it rain, bad weather..cloud it up
Puffing and coughing..dead guys, hop in a coffin
We bouta take over, ride d waves..like we were surfing
And yes I got some tricks up ma sleeves like cufflinks
It’s part of the fashion, I’m tryna stay corporate
Been tryna put up all these words together..watch me collocate
Puffing on d kush..and we’ll be passing like a baton
Hanging niggaz upside down..that’s a bat thing
Ma niggaz rock d clubs..we own d night..that’s a bat thing
I am nocturnal..cud never have a bad dream
Horror-flick bars got ’em screaming like a bad dream
And I cud never get worn out like worn out jeans
This ain’t a joke but I’ll be cracking rappers ribs
Like ma knuckles..run this like I am knuckles
Shoutout to RUN basement..ma niggaz chop knuckle
Steady on d grind, I hope that God will bless d hustle

We’re high like sopranos..spitting on d bass line
Music so deep like I rapped that shit in bass guy
World class models..it’s safe to say today’s fine
It’s clear that I’m d shit..wipe ma face with a tissue
Call me the verbal infant..they say that I’m an issue
Money on ma mind..I’m meditating like a hindu
U couldn’t feel d buzz?..well a nigga bouta ping u
Ahead(a head) of ma peers..so they’re calling me d leader
Moving with d music..rock ’em big like a boulder
Well I’m bouta spread ma wings, move apart, 7, 11
Give ’em niggaz hell..and I’ma make it heaven
No extra-mural classes..but I’ll teach ’em a lesson
Deprive ’em of some pounds and make a nigga to lessen
Nobody wants to hear ur rap..ur shit’s like bad news
They’re tryna make it tight but they’ve been spitting with some bad screws
Ur rap ain’t got soul(sole) kinna like a pair of bad shoes
Homie I’m a gander tryna..have a taste of that goose
I’m that bruised..a nigga’s looking fly in a fresh cut
U never walk alone..liverpool’s got an escort
Volcano flows n thatched roofs..I got ’em saying that’s hot/hut
But I won’t let ’em get to me..Osama bin laden
Ain’t u ever wondered where Osama’s been hiding?
It’s me against the world..kinna like d al qaeda
Killing ’em in cold blood like they were reptilia
Strong like a diamond, plus niggaz know that I’m d first
I’m intercontinental..I’ll be sailing flow oceanic
So u cud bank on me..I’m bouta spit a beach verse
No love for the haters..all ma feelings are platonic
Harmonica..I’m abt to blow ’em all away
Men of timbre and calibre I’ll cut ur stem away
Spit a lil for the ladies..I’ll stop ma heart for ’em
U drive a nigga crazy I duff ma hat for ’em
But I ain’t doing nuhn crazy..let’s maintain d sanity
Tho’ they got anoda nigga falling like they tackled me
No gravity..shawty yh I got us on the honeymoon
To me u ain’t here yet..I guarantee u coming soon
Don’t sweat it..I already made u sweat it
Like when u’re jogging in the morning, working on ur threadmill
When I’m in d sheets..shawty tell me how ur bed feels
She said she wanted head so I hit her with ma nerd skill
S/o to ma nigga Bodman…Daniegh Rute
We’re killing these dawgs..got ’em feeling like they’re juvies
S/o to RJ n JR…..I see u homies..
They ain’t got a clue abt the stuff in ur own heads
S/o to Nasir..this year u’ll feel him(hym)
S/o to mafioso right up in d building
S/o to kakomeezy take it easy with d lines
Ma niggaz all divine..with God-given minds
I just killed this beat they shud put it in a morgue
I’m ill with everything…but I’m healthy with d luck

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