The Mystery Word(s)!!

Here’s a lil sumfn i came up with and no i wasn’t high when i thought of this.

Back in 2008 Jay-Z got into a lil bit of trouble with Bill Gates. They were in some sorta gathering and they both stepped into Bill Gates’ hotel room for a business discussion. Bill gates left the room for bout 5 mins leaving behind two of his guards & 1 of Jay-Z’s. When Bill came back he discovered his $3M gold wrist watch was missing. He accussed Jay-Z of stealing it & they got into an argument. The case got to court & all three guards were called to give their own account of the incident. Bill Gates’ guards identified themselves as ‘Joseph Tyson’ & ‘Frank Myers’ respectively. Both christians by the way. Now, Jay-Z’s guard (who insisted Jay-Z was innocent) identified himself as ‘Karim Richards’ ‘a muslim & ***********’. A heated argument popd up btw the Judge & Karim Richards. The Judge insisted it wasnt possible for Karim to be a muslim & at the same time be a ‘**********’ . Jay-Z & Bill even got tired and Bill dropd the charges but the judge wuldnt stop arguing. Now the question is what is(are) the mystery word(s)???
Ps. The 1st person who gets the answer will get a 3k recharge card from me & no, Im not tryna be Don Jazzy or nofn, its christmas & i feel errbady should be doing a lil bit of ‘giving’.

WARNING: The Explanation is actually #DEAD … Don’t say i didnt TOLD you. (Gbagaun intended).

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