REMINDER: Remember i said d ans was dead.

Ok, so i got different weird answers from people like “Footballer, Musician, Barber(tis one cracked me up)” but the funniest i got was “English” & ironically it was from the winner “Joy Onajite Ogene Idahosa” …LoooL. Nwais, those who said “Christian or Pork-Eater” kinda tried but here’s the answer.
… ummm… We All know Jay-Z is also known as “Jigga”, “Hova”, “young H-O” & a buncha oda names.
Now when the Judge asked Jay-Z’s guard to identify himself he said “I’m Karim Richards, a muslim & I’m Jay Hova’s Witness” … Now the judge thought he said im “I’m Karim Richards, a muslim & I’m Jehova’s witness” & thats where the confussion came. The mystery words,Ladies & Gentlemen, are “JEHOVA’S WITNESS/JAY HOVA’S WITNESS”.

Congrats to @idahosajoy altho I know twas a lucky guess … & as for d 3k credit … #np jonzing world … hehehe … *devil smiley*

You think its easy to collect 3k from an igbo corper shey?!!… HA!!…You try sha … #OkBye

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